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Arris Side Table featured with Charlotte Perriand's latest collection for CC-TAPIS

The Arris collection is an exploration into the lost value of marble and other precious stones. Instead of the stone being the feature of this piece, Arris protects it with a layer of metal, leaving the stone only as a delicate detail of the piece, visible only from certain angles. Available in both coffee table and side table sizes, Arris is customisable in both the metal and the stone options.

Vertical stripes bifurcates contrasting shades celebrating Charlotte Perriand’s mastery of color. Imagined in 1972 and produced for the first time in 2023, Les Arcs is a collection of rugs which demonstrates Charlotte Perriand’s inherent understanding of color applied by Tibetan artisans.

Art Direction by @motel409

Styling by @gretacevenini

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