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CANVAS, first solo show in China in collaboration with 101plus Gallery

Preview of the opening of our show CANVAS in collaboration with @official101plus

CANVAS is secolos first show in China and a showcase of both past collections and new pieces!

The show, designed by @artefatto_design_studio , takes inspiration from traditional Chinese píngfēng (or folding screens) and the important role they have always played both as practical and symbolic pieces of furniture.

CANVAS is a showcase of highlights of SECOLO’s collection, a selection of pieces which emphasize the philosophies of both SECOLO and 101+. The use of stone, metal, wood and other traditional materials ties the pieces together with the concept of the show.

From February 24th, discover the union of SECOLO and 101+ and visit CANVAS at GALLERY 101, A1-10 Langyuan Station, No.53 Banjieta Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing.


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