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Dubai Design Week 2023

No Echoes

For the occasion of Dubai Design Week 2023, SECOLO and OBEGI home reach a new

chapter of their collaboration as they proudly present ‘No Echoes’.

The show is the first exhibition for the Italian brand in the UAE. SECOLO brings its unique

design language to a new market, one that has shown its appreciation for SECOLO from

the beginning.

SECOLO has a strong focus on distinctive designs, quality materials and Italian

manufacturing, a focus that OBEGI shares fully and has been the basis of the collaboration

from the start.

The show ‘No Echoes’, is an exploration of the philosophies of the brand, a chance to slow

down, to escape the usual pace of the city and experience a more sensory, holistic

approach to design and manufacturing.

SECOLO is fully committed to slow and sustainable manufacturing, ensuring that care and

attention goes into every detail. ‘No Echoes’ not only represents the hand-made, artisanal

nature of SECOLO products but also speaks to the originality of the designs, each one a

true testament to the vision of the brand.

For the full week, SECOLO pieces will be on show in an exhibition designed by Artefatto

Design Studio to reflect the artisanal manufacturing chain of the brand. Guests will find a

selection of pieces from past collections as well as some brand-new releases from this year.

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