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Salone Del Mobile 2024

Confluence: The point at which two worlds meet.

For the occasion of Milan Design Week 2024, SECOLO presents its latest show, Confluence, at Salone del Mobile.

Confluence is a show designed by @artefatto_design_studioto explore two of SECOLOs defining pillars: the traditional and artisanal manufacturing methods which are contrasted by the forward-thinking aesthetics adopted by the brand.

This relationship between tradition and innovation, analogue and digital is crucial to the DNA of SECOLO and gives us the name for the show: Confluence.

The first half of the exhibition is a showcase of SECOLO’s 2024 collection, the artisanal, hand-made nature of the products made clear by the meticulous attention to detail. The second half, a continuation of the space into the digital realm; a space that does exist but is not accessible; a world created in collaboration with Visual Artist – @images_from_arcadia that acts to highlight the intersection between technology and tradition.

photos by Marcello Maranzan


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